Race Rules

The Ben Nevis race is run under the following rules…

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Rules for Runners

(The BNRA Rules)

Competitors must abide by the current UK Athletics Rules for Competition, copies of which are available from,

British Athletics,

Athletics House,

Alexander Stadium,

Walsall Road,

Perry Barr,


B42 2BE.

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with these. Competitors must in addition abide by the following rules of the Ben Nevis Race Association.

  1. Conditions for Entry


  1. Competitors must be members of a bona fide Athletic Club and at least 18 years of age on 1st January for the year of the race they are entering.


  1. Competitors must have completed three Category “A” hill/fell races as defined by the Scottish Hill Runners or the Fell Runners Association.


  1. Only the first 600 runners are accepted. No entries are accepted after the closing date.


  1. Neither names nor numbers may be substituted.


  1. Time Allowances


  1. Competitors who do not reach Halfway in 1.15 hours will be turned back.


  1. Competitors who do not reach the summit in 2.15 hours will be turned back.


  1. Competitors who do not complete the course in 3 hours 30 minutes will, subject to appeal to the Committee, be refused entry to subsequent races.


  1. Failure to comply with the request of a BNRA marshal will result in immediate disqualification and refusal of entry to subsequent Ben Nevis Races.




  1. Equipment


  1. Competitors must carry full waterproof body cover, including head covering and gloves.
  1. Competitors must carry a whistle and the runners card issued as confirmation of entry.
  1. Failure to comply results in immediate disqualification from the current race.

The use of poles/sticks is banned from our race. The following link confirms that poles are banned in Scottish races https://www.scottishhillrunners.uk/Safety.aspx

Under rule 11 it states that

  1. Additional rule which applies as from January 2020:The SHR Committee have taken the decision that use of walking poles/sticks in hill races is not compatible with the safe running of hill running events.
  1. Procedure


  1. Competitors must register in person.
  2. The plastic “T” card issued at registration must be handed in at the start.
  3. The numbered wristband issued at registration must be handed in at the summit.
  4. Running number must not be obscured during the race.
  5. If a runner decides not to run, AFTER REGISTRATION PROCEDURES ARE COMPLETED, the runner is to report immediately to the Race Secretary, with his/her registration documents.


  1. Retiral


  1. Retiral from the race must be reported to a BNRA marshal AND to the Race Secretary’s Tent.
  2. Failure to comply will lead to a refusal of entry to subsequent Ben Nevis races.


  1. Adverse Weather

In the event of adverse weather, the committee reserves the right to cancel the race. No entry fees will be returned.

Please note: This is a dangerous sport. If you take part you voluntarily assume the risk of any injury you may sustain. In the entry form you will be asked to submit, there is a disclaimer by which you legally absolve the Ben Nevis Race Association of any/all liability for your personal safety and any liability to indemnify your family and other dependants. You therefore participate entirely at your risk.

The Ben Nevis Race Association

13th January 2016

Definition of Category “A” Races

Race is one run on fell, hill or mountain and shall be categorised as follows:

  • Should average not less than 50m of climb per km.
  • Should not have more than 20% of race distance on road.

(c)    Should be at least 1.5km in length

Ben Nevis Race – Runner Categories

Runners are categorised under the following headings (several may apply).

These categories are included in the published runner lists.

Letter Key
A Lochaber Resident
B Under 23
C Serving in HM Forces
D Age 40-49
E First Ben Nevis Race
F Lady
G Member of Police
H 21st Ben Nevis Race
I 60 and Over
J Member of Ambulance Service
K Member of Fire Brigade
L Age 50-59