Solus Productions Ltd are filming a documentary for BBC ALBA during the Ben Nevis Race this Saturday. This programme is called ‘Turas Tony’ and will feature actor/presenter Tony Kearney as he literally follows in his late father and Uncle’s footsteps and attempts the Ben Race on Saturday 6th Sept.
Please be aware we will have four cameras covering the event. This will include an ariel drone camera covering part of the Ben. The programme is due to air this New Year on BBC ALBA. Many thanks in advance for your co-operation. Best wishes, Jim Webster, Producer. Solus Productions Ltd.

Massage Facilities

For all the Competitors of the Ben Nevis Race, Massage facilities will be available before and after the event by Vicki Anderson, who is also Promoting the use of a Sports Warm Up Cream and also a Recovery Cream Called MADFORM, at the event for competitors to try and purchase.

Vicki will be based in the field, using a Blue Gazebo with MADFORM flags displayed, A quick leg massage with MADFORM warm up or Recovery Cream is £5 for any competitors wishing to take up this offer, which is an excellent way of helping the legs to recover after such an arduous event.

If you require any further information or wish to speak with her direct, her contact number is 07718 907787.

The Ben Nevis Race

In 1895 when William Swan, a Fort William barber, set off on the first recorded timed ascent and descent of Britain’s tallest mountain he could not have envisaged the modern day Ben Nevis Race which now has a field of 600 runners accepting a challenge which is not for the unfit or faint-hearted.

In the late 19th.  and early 20th.  centuries a number of races were organised on an ad hoc basis.  However it was not until 1951 that the Ben Nevis Race Association was founded with the intention of formalising arrangements for an annual race. Since that first field of 21 runners, the race has grown beyond all recognition and it has been run every year since with the exception of 1980. That year the elements won and, with competitors on the start line, a last minute decision was made to cancel the race for the safety of the runners and officials on the mountain. Continue reading