Ben Nevis Race 2018, notice to all participants

On the 06th of September 2018 the Ben Nevis Race Association {BNRA} received correspondence from the Nevis Partnership {NP} titled as follows:

 “Fence enclosures on Lower Ben path cut”

Sadly the detail of this correspondence was in relation to the abuse of land owned by Jahama Highland Estates and managed by N.P, coupled with the malicious damage to their property and fence line.

As you are all aware, the BNRA works closely, in conjunction with the NP to ensure the race proceeds each year while equally being respectful of the fragile ecosystem and surrounding environment.

As a committee we feel obliged to offer payment as a gesture of goodwill for the rectification of this damage which may have been caused by a runner or their accomplice(s) and therefore we may be forced to review the entry fee cost for next year to cover this outlay.

While we accept this may be the work of only one individual it does not excuse the large number of entrants that used this breached route while knowing otherwise.


We take the above as an extremely serious breach of our rules along with the wilful intent and damage to the property of others. The BNRA will not tolerate such behaviour that may place the future of our race in jeopardy.